Is it possible to have our addons stored on a server?

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Probably like a lot of people I have more than one OSMC device and my database is run off a NAS server. So, I was wondering if, rather than installing addons on each device, it was at all possible in any way for them to be stored, accessed, updated etc. centrally on the NAS device?

Thanks very much

Are you referring to Kodi Addons?

Yes indeed, title amended, thanks

Not easily and it’s not recommended to hack the feature in to existence. It would probably make the add-on excruciatingly slow to use.

Understood, thanks for letting me know

If you are basically building devices that you wish to have identical Kodi configurations, just use the MyOSMC backup utility on a configured system and restore the resultant backup to a fresh install on the next device.

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