Is it possible to have used DAC output and hdmi audio output simultaneously?

I have a USB dac that works perfectly with osmc. I have it running out to my hifi and use it for airplaying Spotify.
Most of the time I use the tv output for sound, and would ideally just mute the tv and turn on the hifi to get the sound from the speakers.
Currently I have to go into settings and turn on the dac, which cuts hdmi sound output.

Is it possible to have dual output (like we used to with analogue and hdmi)?

You can’t get simultaneous output, but there is a hack that gets ALSA for music and HDMI for videos.
See: Behavior for selecting audio output device

I’m not sure if the patch that fixes this is in the current OSMC build, but it was committed to the tree OSMC builds from a week ago, so should be in any future builds.

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Thanks popcornmix. Does that mean that this is a feature that will appear in the next release, or that it is a hack that can be applied to a future release?
I didn’t follow what to do from the link so I’m hoping the former!

Fix was added “Tue Mar 17 20:52:28”. Check your kodi build date (should be in kodi.log and may be visible in system info). If your build is newer then the hack should work. If older you will have to wait for next update.


Does anyone know if this is now implemented in rc2?

If so, do I just select usb audio DAC as my audio output device, and then video is pushed through the hdmi output?

Set the USB DAC as the audio output device.
Make sure OMXPlayer is enabled and MMAL is disabled in video/acceleration settings.

Music will use paplayer and ALSA device.
Videos will use omxplayer which doesn’t support ALSA, so will fall back to HDMI output.


Forgot to reply to this: many thanks- it works perfectly.