Is it possible to install motioneye on top of OSMC(RPi2)?

I have a RPi2 inside our bedroom and sometimes my daughter would be having her sleep in our room. I dont have a dedicated baby monitor and have been using motioneye to monitor our baby when im out of the room.

As I only have 1 RPi2 and cant afford to buy an extra yet, I thought I would try to install motioneye on top of osmc. I have been following ccrisan/motioneye installation guide for Debian but to no avail.

I thought I could I ask the community if this has been done and if anyone could help me. Thanks!

Where do you get stuck when you try to do this?

I have executed all steps without any errors with the exemption pip install motioneye, but that has been resolved by issuing apt-get install build-essential python-dev. All steps have been completed however motioneye is not starting (rpi2IPAdress:8765). And i dont know where to look where is the problem.

Thanks for your response to this issue.

When starting it are you using the Debian8 instructions?

◦Debian 8, systemd-based:
cp /usr/local/share/motioneye/extra/motioneye.systemd-unit-local /etc/systemd/system/motioneye.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable motioneye
systemctl start motioneye

Does it give any error when you try to start it?

Yes I am and no it does not give any errors when starting motioneye or even issuing a restart…

That would seem to indicate that motioneye is running then.

How are you trying to connect to it? and where are you connecting from? I don’t think the firewall will block anything if on your local LAN

My RPi2 is directly hooked to my router. I dont think its a firewall problem too.

I have successfully used motioneye before but with a raspbian installation. If i try to access motioneye settings :8765 i get nothing.

I would:
a) sudo apt-get install htop then execute with htop to see if motioneye is actually running.
b) Port forward port 8765 to my pi’s lan ip, just in case…then try to connect again. (and ofc set a fixed lan ip on the pi)

ps | grep motion might be faster :slight_smile:

true, but you get a nice visual with cpu consumption as well :slight_smile:

thanks for all the response guys. highly appreciate it.

I cannot see motioneye running. what now?

Well if its not running then maybe you can find the reason why in the log files.
I dont know where it stores its log files…check maybe inside:

Hi guys! I’m facing the exact same problem @cdalid describes. I followed the guide without error on OSMC but still I cannot access the motioneye web interface.
So, to answer the last question, I cannot find the motioneye.log file anywhere. It seems to fail so hard that not even the log file is initialized.

The missing things that you have to install before the wiki instructions

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential
sudo pip install virtualenv

found after trying to start it manually