Is it possible to replaced the OSMC OS with fullpageOS? and if so how can that be done?


I have a VERO 4k device and would like to switch/replace the OSMC OS to the full-page OS and utilize the 4K video processing to run videos and other content for kiosk capabilities. The Full-page OS system works great on the Ras-Pi but running continuous videos at 1080 or 720 is difficult. Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Hadn’t heard of fullPage-OS before.
Why not just install Chromium on Vero 4K?

It looks like fullPage-OS is based on Raspbian. The userland would be easy enough to boot; you would just need to use a Vero 4K kernel and copy modules over.


Hi Sam,

That could work. Do you know where I could find more information or instructions on how to go about doing that?



Unfortunately this is out of our remit.
OSMC is full open source, so GitHub would be the best place to start.


Okay, thank you for providing a place to start looking.