Is it possible to revert to an older kernel?

I think I’m running in to this NFS kernel bug. I’d like to test it out by reverting to an older version of the kernel.

Is this something OSMC supports?

From what I understand that problematic NFS version is from the OS you would be using to house your files, and not OSMC. However since it has been confirmed that the issue only arises with using Kodi NFS paths and not system mounts then the path of least resistance while waiting for the fix would be to just make a system mount…

and then put a path substitution in an advancedsetting.xml file to make your existing Kodi configuration and library redirect to this system path.

Please note with this type of change you should NOT change your source paths in Kodi.

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The NFS kernel bug referred to in your link is on the NFS server side and was introduced in Linux kernel version 5.10.11. As such, reverting to an older version of OSMC would make no sense, since OSMC doesn’t run on kernel 5.10.11 or higher, and is (usually) a client-side system.

Aha! I misunderstood.

I updated my Fedora server and now my Kodi NFS shares are working perfectly. Thank you for the clarification.