Is it possible to run a webserver on OSMC?

I would like to get spotify connect on my RPi, but the only thing I can find is

And from what I can see it runs as a webserver. Is possible to run that on OSMC?

If there happen to be better Spotify Connect option then please paste

I dont see why not.
I am running a php/mysql webserver on my pi, serving 3 websites.

I dont know Spotify Connect, but i’ve found these:

How do I install a webserver on OSMC, I cant see it in the store

For this spotify page you showed i think it’s making its own webserver. You dont need to install one on your own.

So I would have to SSH into it and then install it that way?

You might wanna enable root password, to make your life easier…instead of type sudo all the time, before every command.

Log in with osmc/osmc for user and pass, then type sudo passwd root and type your new root passwd
Then log in as root with: su root and your new password.
Then do all the installation stuff.

If i was you, i’d backup my pi SD card with this: Win32 Disk Imager - Browse /Archive at
so if anything goes wrong, i can always restore back to this image.


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Or, of course, just type “sudo bash” then do whatever you need to :slight_smile: