Is it possible to set the default action for TV Shows in widgets?

Using the Eustary skin, there’s an option to set the default select action for movie sets and TV shows on the home screen.

Is there any way this can be done with the OSMC skin? I haven’t been able to find an equivalent option.

I would like, when using the In-Progress TV Shows widget, to be able to just continue watching when I select the show.

It appears that this is a known Kodi issue that has a fix that will come in a future update.

EDIT: I saw that it was reported more than once on the Kodi forum but where I was looking and saw a fix that went in that was for default selecting the info and not resume. I’m not sure if anyone picked this up to fix it or not. I think it is an issue somewhere in Kodi though and not OSMC.

Sorry, I’m not sure that I follow. This works in Kodi (default Eustary skin), there’s an option here:

It is in the OSMC skin that there either is no equivalent option, or I haven’t been able to find it.

Or do you mean that there is some Kodi issue which makes it impossible for other skins to implement this?

I means it seems currently the default select action resume seems to be not functioning correctly with the widgets. It does not seem to be platform or skin specific. If you set that option to the info screen that works, but resume still pops up the selection dialog. Thus, it would be something that is broken in Kodi itself and would need to get addressed over there.

I took another look at your original question and it seems that I actually looked past a bit of what you were asking. From the in progress TV show widget you can press play and it will pop up a dialog for you to continue watching which will make a playlist of unwatched episodes for the show. I don’t think there is a way to avoid the dialog but you could tweak the keymap to make play select the option so you can just press play twice to start where you left off including partially watched episodes. The only other flaw to this setup is that if you have special episodes that are unwatched they will always get put first in this playlist. I’m not sure if it is possible to modify that behavior.

Thanks for the Play Twice workaround, that will do the job for just one extra click. Hopefully if Kodi fix whatever they need to the default selection option work properly, it can be considered for inclusion in the OSMC skin too, which is much nicer than Eustary.

This function is exactly the same in the OSMC skin as Estuary. Currently the default in the OSMC skin is to have a random TV show widget to show by default but if you navigate into the widget and press up or down it switches to the next widget. Currently there is included a in-progress widget but I don’t remember if you have to reset your skin settings on existing installs to make that show up. Regardless, you can switch your default widget to show in progress TV shows and then do this same play button trick. The keymap you need to be able to double click the play button I believe should be the following. I think this covers most remotes but if your play button is mapped to something else then you would need to switch the mappings to accommodate. Note that the Keymap Editor add-on can’t make this tweak.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Play then Select is good enough as a workaround for now, but I do have to answer the statement that the function is exactly the same in OSMC as in Estuary. It really isn’t.

In Estuary I can go to Settings, Skin Settings, Main menu items, TV Shows, Default select action for TV shows on the home screen, and select Continue Watching. Then, in the In Progress widget, if I just Select one of the TV shows, it will immediately continue watching.

Interesting, I didn’t realize that option was added in with the newest version of Kodi. I was only familiar with the option in settings>media>videos>. Perhaps that is something @Chillbo can consider adding to the OSMC skin as well.

It was new in Estuary for Nexus. You can change the widget action for TV shows, movie sets, and music albums. For TV shows and movies, the choices are:

  • Browse into (default)
  • Continue Watching
  • Play from Beginning
  • Play Next
  • Queue Item

And for music albums you have:

  • Browse into
  • Play
  • Play Next
  • Queue Item

I left TV shows and movie sets at the default but use this all the time for music albums (I set to play so I can play an album right from the widget).

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It is a pretty nice feature. Thanks for the work. I personally would think it would be nice though if we could set default play button behavior as well so one could for example use the select button to navigate into a show from the widget but if we use play instead then it does the playlist thing without a popup. Sometimes I find myself going back to an episode I had watched previously because I had to walk away, fell asleep, or maybe just needed a reminder of where the previous episode left off, and so it is nice to be able to perform both actions without having to dive into the library. Also with the playlist it creates this seems to be unwatched episodes by order. Is there a way this can be changed to unwatched by display order or aired date? For example I have a show where there was a special episode that aired after the show had ended. As such I don’t want to watch this special until after the series finale so I have set its display season/episode of this special to something after that. Using this new feature right now on that show means I have to skip past this special every time I initiate it or mark the special as watched just to keep it from coming up early.

I’ve had a look at this and as this sounds pretty useful I’ve implemented it for testing purposes on my setup:

I’ll give this some more testing before releasing it for one of our next updates. :+1:t2: