Is it possible to set two different dashboards, one on a small LCD and another via HDMI and play custom video loops when reproducing music?

Hello there,

I mainly use a Raspberry Pi with OSMC to stream music and I wonder if it is possible to use two different dashboards, my idea is to use a small touch LCD screen to visualize a simple custom dashboard and a more classic one via HDMI.

Since the LCD is too small to use it as a proper screen, it would be nice if it can be used for aesthetical purposes, for example i would like to play a custom video loop fullscreen when reproducing music (maybe a cassette tape running or something like that) on the LCD and still have the classic view via HDMI.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much for your help.

Possible, yes I’m sure. But I don’t think Kodi would be a good fit for this


Thank you for replying, any suggestion?

Honestly not - you’d probably want some DSI connectivity and need to build something like this from scratch.

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