Is it possible to use Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously for streaming from a network drive?

I’ve got a weak Powerline connection and WiFi isn’t too reliable, does OSMC support this, sorry if the answer is obvious or asked before. I’m using a Pi 2 with the latest OSMC from updates on Noobs.


actually yes it could probably be done via bonding its not easy to do.

He asked whether it was possible in OSMC, I’d say when you add modules to the kernel and bond network interfaces, then make kodi understand the new network you’re no longer “in OSMC”. Then ofcourse you need the expertise to do it on the other end also. You have to play some fairly demanding s**t to need all of that bandwidth anyway.

Yes, it is possible if you know your way around a Linux, there is no menu item for it in OSMC though.

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I didnt say it was easy :wink:

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I’ll do some research on this, I feel I may be able to handle this but it could get out of hand quickly. I will report back if I find/do anything useful… however, I will be out of the country for the next couple of weeks with little time on my Raspberry Pi.

I don’t play demanding videos but rather my network is weak, Powerline ethernet in an old house and using a WiFi dongle that wasn’t meant to do much in terms of bandwidth.

Thank you for the details.

There is a failback option in the Linux bonding module, when one connection fails it switches to another interface.

Being an old school guy, I’d probably do it with Cat5e ethernet myself. 1000 ft (300 m) of cable is around $50 (45 €) + tool free connectors (or pliers and normal connectors) and that’s it. I’d also use duct tape for cable management but I’m sure there are classier ways of tidying up the cables also.