Is it possible to used C-Line (Cccam) for DVB-S2 tuner on vero?

Hi Sam,
As I known so far that we can add a DVB-S2 tuner to Vero, but is there anyway that we can add a Cline (Cccam) to it? As OSMC is also linux.

Provided that the device has a modern 3.x kernel driver that should not be a problem. Discussion of CAM is a grey area here so I will not discuss this too much. Ultimately, OSMC is a Debian based system: if you can get your device running on another Debian system you shouldn’t have any trouble with Vero



Well that is not true Sam. First of all, tvheadend use ffdecsa for sw descrambling at tvheadend, and as all of us know on RPi is better performance as well on all ARM’s when is used dvbcsa due limitations…

I have CuBox (same HW as Vero) and there tvheadend + oscam is nightmare, deinterlace at 1080i not working and so on…, not to mention that I cant get working my Smargo v1/v2 card reader nor OmniKey with my official subscription.

Don’t think that’s quite right. Deinterlacing is a separate issue (and quite functional in Vero I might add) than DVB support.