Is it still possible to build osmc for x86?

I have found this link from over a year ago and it said that it is possible to build osmc for x86 from source but its still in an immature state. However i just cloned the github repo. and i can’t seem to find the option.

sorry for my bad English and thanks in advance

Yes – it’s still possible. But it’s quite messy. I was just having this discussion with @gmc the other day.
Please let us know where you need help. We are happy to assist.


Thank you very much on that super fast reply. and as for what kind of help i need. i just need to know from where to start.

I think the first step is for us to change Kodi x64 to build for GBM.
Not sure if this is done in GMC’s v18 yet,


Ok i see
also is there any documentation on that messy you mentioned earlier?

Not quite – we’re still figuring this out ourselves.
If you’re serious about this, send me a PM, and we’ll work with you on our progress on bringing up x64.


I’m more of an armature than a professional and i just thought that i could take the os for a test drive :stuck_out_tongue: looks like i have to wait a bit more.
thank you very much for your info and wish you the best of luck on the project.

OK – no problem.

Keep an eye on the forums for progress on PC