Is manually updating Samba to 4.8+ a bad idea?

I want to enable networked Time Machine backups over SMB, which would require Samba 4.8 or higher. The current version seems to be 4.5.12. The only option I’m aware of is to build it myself.

I just thought I’d check in here to see if there is any reason why it would be a bad idea to update Samba on OSMC, other than the usual background radiation that it might break?

Can you clarify how you’d be updating Samba?


Yes. The plan was to use this blog post as a starting point and then trial and error from there.

You can try it…

I have a Time Capsule working with AFP or something a bit quirky. I don’t remember how I set it up in much detail.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make AFP plan B if it fails.

It seems to work. For anyone interested, I didn’t even have to compile, I just installed Samba 4.9.1 from debian sid, and then lots of detective work.

I had some interesting problems with the smb-local.conf file, which probably just stemmed from misunderstanding the config file property, thinking it would just shadow already defined properties and preserve the rest.