Is my Vero’s power circuit faulty?

I came home to a Vero 4K + not turning on.

It was very hot.

After a rest, I tried plugging it in several times, no red power light.

I checked the barrel connector with a multimeter, it is reading 5.23v.

I have booted via the USB plug, and it powers up successfully.

What’s the general feeling here?



It could be a faulty power supply. Have you tried a different socket?

If in doubt, don’t power the device.

My suggestion is to contact



Thanks Sam,

I tried plugging it in at two seperate sockets (and seperate household circuits).

(I also tried using another power supply that I have here, but it only outputs 4.5v.)

Can you show a photo of the other PSU you used and just send an email to the address suggested above?