Is OSMC an Operating System or a Media Centre

Sorry to ask a very basic question - I am considering the purchase of a Vero4K and even though I have read through all the info I cannot decide if OSMC is an operating system or a kodi based media centre in its own right. I have a very specific requirement and want to run standard Kodi (Krypton) set to the original confluence skin and not the OSMC interface as shown in the screen shots.
Can I do this on a Vero4K, or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick??

Check out the Wiki page, and you’ll know everything you should :slight_smile:


OK - thanks for that - to clarify further OSMC is an operating system on which I can load Kodi and customise as I would do on any other operating system. Is the Kodi appp downloadable from the OSMC store and when loaded does it boot straight to the standard Kodi interface?

Did you read the wiki link provided by oozee?

From: Frequently Asked Questions - General - OSMC

Kodi is a media center application and OSMC is the operating system that runs Kodi and brings it to your device. OSMC is not a fork of Kodi but rather a Linux distribution that ships Kodi as the main application.
This is a similar concept to Kodi running on top of Windows or Android. OSMC is based on Debian Jessie (a flavour of GNU/Linux) and has been heavily optimised to provide the best TV experience possible.

Yes I did - this is generic stuff and not related directly to the Vero4K
It clarifies that OSMC is an operating system but does not help me with loading the Kodi app or how it will react on the device (an OSMC product) that I am considering buying - or should I have posted this question on the Vero4K section?

Seems like it exactly answers your question. There is no need to load an app that is included by default as the OS itself was designed for exactly the purpose of running it.

Or - re reading the paragraph - is kodi already loaded as part of OSMC and that the OSMC interface I have seen in screenshots is but an OSMC skin of the kodi app?


ActionA - That’s all I needed to know, thanks

OSMC runs a full version of Debian. If you can do it on Debian, you can do it with OSMC. Kodi will come loaded already as it is part of OSMC. It will boot straight in to it.

Hi Sam - thanks for a plain answer - order placed and I look forward to receiving the unit - Regards

Yes – but I’m not sure what your question is :slight_smile:

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