Is OSMC right for me?

Dear OSMC community,

I have a RasPi 4B and am considering to install OSMC on it. I really like its pretty user interface.

However, before I start settting everything up, I would be very grateful if you guys could confirm that OSMC is really the right platform for my purposes.

What I need is this:

  • Media player with wide format support (obviously OSMC meets that first requirement)
  • Ability to pair an Xbox One Controller via Bluetooth and to control OSMC with it
  • Ability to pair a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard
  • Ability to run Moonlight-embedded or Moonlight-QT and to launch it from the OSMC GUI (or, should OSMC already have built-in support for Nvidia Shield game streaming, even better)
  • Ability to plugin a DVD drive via USB for playing Audio-CDs and DVDs
  • Ability to play media files from plugged in USB flash drives
  • Built-in emulators for the most important platforms, such as SNES, Megadrive, ScummVM with support for the Xbox One Controller mentioned above.

Is OSMC the right platform to get all of this working? Is another platform/distro better suited for my needs?

Thank you very much in advance!

Answer would be yes to all of them, while Moonlight would require some work.

Thanks for the first reply, it already helps a lot!

The situation about Moonlight is a bit unclear. There is a lot of old information out there, but it is unclear what the current status is.

I would already be happy if there were an option to simply add a shortcut to launch Moonlight-QT, as the QT version comes with its own graphical menu. Is that possible, just adding custom shortcuts to launch commands?

Yes that is surely possible but you would need to install a x-server to be able to run other graphical programs and you would not have acceleration.

Moonlight-QT does not require X (see Installing Moonlight Qt on Raspberry Pi 4 · moonlight-stream/moonlight-docs Wiki · GitHub). I am running it currently on Raspbian Lite from the command line.

So I guess that should not be a problem?

I don’t think that Moonlight works at this time. We have offered to send some hardware to the developers but they didn’t seem interested.

Everything else should be fine.

Thanks for the response! In this case, I will need to look elsewhere, I am afraid, as Moonlight is the primary use of my Raspi.

I guess I will just install Kodi in Raspbian Lite.

But thank you in any case!

I think @sam_nazarko was referring to OSMC on the Vero not on the Pi. From what I saw on the Forum it should actually be possible.
As it is very easy to install on a SD Card without making any change to the device why not just give it a try?