Is OSMC team doing enough? No

Used raspXBMC for years and have been forced over to OSMC. The software is not as good and i don’t think this is ready for prime time.

but i think it’s important to say what is sam actually doing now? is he doing enough? because the code seems to be the same, same menus etc. I thought osmc was going to be different

sam you have failed miserably with this project. true disappointment to all the people who liked you software before.

– J


Normally I would just leve such threads alone, but I feel a comment is necessary in case anyone else are as confused as you.
Raspbmc and OSMC are operating systems, both optimized to run Kodi (previously XBMC).
If you don´t like Kodi/XBMC, well… you should run something else.

In short, Kodi/XBMC no matter OS and platform (as it is cross platform), will always be Kodi/OSMC. If you don´t like it, don´t use an operating system that is specifically designed to run it.

By the way, who is forcing you to stop using Raspbmc?


Where is the failure? I have the OSMC RC running on a Raspberry Pi B and a Raspy 2 with no problems whatsoever. I have one running wirelessly, the other cabled. Both will play files on my NAS drive and both stream movies from various sources.

Wind your neck back in long_raspbmc_user you are talking nonsense.

Well, for a “long_raspbmc_user”, you certainly have no idea about what you’ve actually been using, and what Sam’s and the team’s involvment has been in both rasbpmc or osmc. What you see and call “menus” is actually XBMC (now Kodi) - I suggest you get familiar with the structure of the package before you issue statements like the above.

One curiosity though: who forced you to osmc? And what exactly were you expecting?


There really needs to be a down-vote button for threads like this.


[quote=“long_raspbmc_user, post:1, topic:1709”]
Used raspXBMC for years and have been forced over to OSMC.[/quote]
As others have said you haven’t been forced to change to OSMC. I am still using Raspbmc quite happily on 3 No Raspberry Pi’s.Why do you think you have to change to OSMC today?

[quote=“long_raspbmc_user, post:1, topic:1709”]
The software is not as good and i don’t think this is ready for prime time.[/quote]
It isn’t released to prime time. It only moved from alpha to release candidate over the weekend and even then is is described as an early RC. You will have to wait until it is released before saying it isn’t as good.

[quote=“long_raspbmc_user, post:1, topic:1709”]
the code seems to be the same, same menus etc. I thought osmc was going to be different.[/quote]
You are confused again. The operating system is meant to be different (and I am sure it is) but the Kodi part is always going to be Kodi and you are referring to Kodi not the OS.

Looks more like you have failed to understand what you are talking about.

Hi long_raspbmc_user,

you asked “Is OSMC team doing enough?” my simple answer is “Yes” they are doing more than enough. They are providing you free of charge one of the most streamlined Operation Systems (OS) to run on the Raspberry PI(1 & 2) that allows you to run one of the most featured Multimedia Center (MC) Kodi with one of the cleanest skins I have seen.

So for me yes they have done enough and I am more than happy to once more donate for the OSMC project to support the continuous improvements the teams provide.



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This thread is hilarious.


Trolling of the highest order OP :smiley:

A shame to see you go



The OP should ask for his money back. Oh sorry both OS are free.

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Wow, just wow. Your sense of self entitlement amazes me, sir!

I suppose if you’re not happy with the Alpha or RC of OSMC you can fork your own from the Kodi code and do it all yourself!


its obvious to me that OP is trolling.

OSMC is fantastic and so is Raspbmc.

I’m so grateful that people like Sam and the rest of the team spare some time of their personal lives to make these excellent and free software for everyone.

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@ long_ raspbmc _user wow your special m8 or that’s what your mother tells you

I know the mods probably don’t want to be seen as closing threads that say something negative, but I think this thread can be closed because it’s blatant trolling and if not, user patrocks has provided a full response to the OP.

It’s too funny to close.