Is the Linux distro different than Raspbmc?


I am trying to install openvpn but compared to Raspbmc I do not get responses. A lot of my commands go unanswered. Am I now in a completely different distro of Debian? I am very confused as to why something a simple as sudo service openvpn restart, does nothing…what the heck?

Hi ebaydan777,
I too am having trouble installing openvpn on osmc alpha4. It seems that it is not in the repos referenced in /etc/apt/sources.list

Does anyone know where to get the correct build of openvpn for osmc alpha4 for pi 1 B ?

Hi ebaydan777,

  1. SSH to the IP address of your Pi (usr:osmc pwd:osmc)
  2. sudo apt-get update (I got some 404 errors but OpenVNC installed)
  3. sudo apt-get install openvpn

Ok great now how do i start it up as sudo service openvpn start does nothing…

systemctl? Not sure how to use that with openvpn