Is the site down right now?

I don’t know if it is down or only me.

Read above your post.


Doh, you could have made it more obvious … like putting a banner at the top of the whole forums page in big bold letters or something.

I suppose I deserve this with all the trouble making I’ve involved in with Karnage :smile:

You were making trouble?


I thought we were having a nice conversation.


Well I was only making trouble for Sam by distracting you from fixing all the best features of Confluence that you broke :wink:

Indeed I had feared that my profession of love for all things Confluence may have made you blow a gasket and that it may have been you Karnage who took down the network at in a total meltdown (the username is suspiciously that of somebody who would indeed cause such havoc).

Oh, no no.

I destroyed those servers for a WHOLE different reason.

Damn, and here I thought it was because you somehow KNEW I was just about to update one of my older Pi’s to the latest OSMC and then get Confluence set up just the way I like it.