Is there a hyperion app?

Is there already an app for hyperion?

I recently always installed everything what their website said …
That works … but the dependancies are absurd (x11-common)

Would be nice if there was already an app … if not … no biggy … will just install all those dependencies :smile:

Did you get Hyperion working on alpha4?

Everything seems to install OK (if you replace libprotobuf7 with libprotobuf9), you get some errors about missing tags (not important according to Hyperion-devs).

But after installation, nothing happens with the leds.
You can send some testing-commands, they’re executed but the leds won’t turn on…

If you’re installing via command line apt-get then make sure you use the --no-install-recommends option, eg:

sudo apt-get install packagename --no-install-recommends

This will often cut out a LOT of “recommended” package dependencies that aren’t really needed. I’ve seen one package where this eliminated 60 useless dependencies.

Yup I know, been using that since alpha 1, but one of the dependencies still needs X11-common :frowning: