Is there a OSMC build planned for "regular" x64 systems?

I’m simply wondering if there is a build planned (or perhaps existing, in beta stage) for more “regular” x64 systems (such a Intel NUCs, MacMini, Asus eeeBox etc.)? Something like the openElec-project offers… Would be very nice to have the slim design, quality control and great user forum of OSMC but for the more general platform. :slight_smile:

Guessing your not a fan of searching. yes it is planned there is just a lack of volunteers

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It’s the next platform that I intend to support. It will take a long time to get OSMC running on Windows, OS X etc, but it’s being worked on. There are more important steps that need to be done first beforehand.

We’ll do some internal testing soon.

Hey Sam

Are you planning on building OSMC as an app for x86 / x64 devices or as its own OS?

Hi Josh

I am planning to build it as the whole distribution (Linux based), but will do a couple of nice things to make it run well for Windows systems (dual-boot).

Excellent news! Just what I thought and was hoping :slight_smile:

Another person here interested in a PC version. I think it’s a great idea. Lots of people with retired laptops turn them into media centers and connect to the TV via VGA/HDMI. I don’t think it would cut into the VERO sales and in fact might increase it just by word of mouth spreading of OSMC. I’ve been looking into kodi stuff for over a week and just came across OSMC yesterday. Having it available to try on a PC would be a good way for people to test drive OSMC and if they like it, they could then get the VERO and/or turn their friends and relatives on to OSMC. Most people can’t even install an OS, let alone build a PI, so most of these friends and relatives will opt for the VERO. As it stands now, there’s no real way to try before you buy.

I know it won’t impact Vero sales. This is not the reason we don’t have a PC build presently. The reason is it’s very tough. I’m still working on it, but it’s a big task and I have limited time.

I definitely want to get OSMC on PC, but need it to be complete. Stay tuned.

Ok, thanks, I went ahead and put the “News” forum on my watch list. I’ve got a couple of older spare thinkpads laying around here and would be happy to test out a beta or even alpha version. All over 1Ghz with 2-4Gb ram.