Is there a v18.9 image download anywhere?

Just managed to get another Vero4K and wanted to match it up with the other RPis and Vero running 18.9 (to share the SQL DB) - this is my simple solution by the way, I expect things have moved on since I last queried SQL DB versioning across different devices.

So, is there a repository knocking about anywhere with older images? I’m sure there must be somewhere and my searching is drawing a blank.

Thank you.

Have a look in the blog for when v19 was released then pick the previous version from here.

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Superb. Thank you.

Now my only issue is finding the right one :slight_smile:

The one I have running perfectly on my other Vero4K seems to indicate:

“Open Source Media Center 2020.11-1”

Without wanting to be spoon fed the exact image file…I’m aware that’s exactly what I’m asking for.

The images are usually posted a few days after the OTA updates hit the mirrors and seem to be named by the date when they are posted, not the version.

It looks like there was a bugfix image in December 2020.

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