Is there a way to manually reset the device?

I am currently stuck in a black ‘Please stand by and then the Blue OSMC start up screen for a brief second’ loop.
This has been the case for weeks actually. I have just now decided to start a thread here.

Can’t putty in or anything. Just turn on and off for the same or similar results (sometimes the screen is completely black for a longer period)


nothing changed. no installer or anything different coming up.
even with the toothpick method. one time it briefly showed like a terminal (during blue OSMC logo screen) on the left side of the screen loading stuff. but then back to the loop.

In the days leading up to this the Vero2 was unable to supply sufficient power to 2,5’ external drives and after a while did not recognize anything plugged in via USB if that helps.

After trying one last time I am getting no video signal whatsoever. The only thing letting me know the device is still starting up is the blue light :confused:


I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Vero 2.

If the device is struggling to start, I’m wondering if the problem may actually be related to the power supply unit.

Do you have another 5V 2A power supply around that you could test with?

If you use the ‘toothpick’ method, then rename the file called ‘kernel’ on the SD card to ‘recovery’.


Well it seems the power supply was the issue!
I measured the output and although it was 5V when I used another 5V cable the Vero started up just fine.
The issue with not being able to power up external devices persists but the cable I used does not have the full 2A so that might be the issue.

I will purchase a new 5V2A cable. Would you mind telling me which pin I need for the Vero 2 ?
5.5mm * 2.5mm / 4.0mm * 1.7mm / 3.5mm * 1.35mm ???