Is there a way to see the list of files which were not successfully scanned into the library?


I have a quite large media library with many HDDs connected to my NAS, and I’d like to see the list of movie files, which were not found by the scraper, so I need to manually add them to the library.
So far I was not able to find a tool like this on Vero, except browsing through manually on all HDDs, and founding the filenames in the list, instead of the scrapped movie name.
Is the a built in filter for this feature?

There is an add-on called “Missing Movies” and it will list items that were not scanned.

I’m not sure if this is skin specific but in estuary video>files> when using the list view (you may need the replace file name with library titles option enabled in the settings, I’m not sure) the icon next to the name is different if the item is not in the library. If the item is scanned it is a square or a check mark just like in the library views. If the item is not scanned in then it shows a folder.

The latter is quicker as you can have to scan right from where you browsing. There is no option to do that in the Missing Movies add-on. The add-on is great for finding things buried in subfolders that didn’t get scanned like special episodes that didn’t find a match.

Thanks a lot, I will check this out! Do you know, if there’s a similar tool for finding duplicate items as well in the Library?

I’m not sure. I’ve never had the need so I’ve never gone looking. I think a duplicate issue may be easier to find using TinyMediaManager (current version is paid software but you can still download previous version from their site).