Is there a way to upgrade CB2 to Kodi 15.2?

I have been patiently waiting for a successful HD install of OSMC on my ATV1. However, I would, in the interim, upgrade my Kodo14.2 to 15.2. Is there a relatively easy way to do it?

I am aware of OpenElec and Sam’s efforts on OSMC. I just would like to update my systems while I wait

maybe @wrxtasy know how to

Let me see if i can remember, wrxtasy digs into his archives…

Upgrade to Crystalbuntu / Kodi Helix 14.2 first to install a bunch of dependencies.

sudo wget && sudo chmod 755 && sudo ./

Then for Kodi Isengard 15alpha2

sudo initctl stop xbmc wget sudo tar xzvf Kodi.15a2.CHD.Isengard.tar.gz -C / sudo initctl start xbmc

I never did a Final compile for Kodi 15.2, but that version seemed to work OK.


Thanks. Just what I was looking for!

Thanks - thats fantastic.

I am a bit of a noob - Is there a step missing or am I doing something wrong; when Kodi restarts, it boots back into Helix not Isengard? I followed your archived instructions in the past with another ATV and it worked like a charm but I can no longer access these to see where I went wrong this time

Isengard Instructions amended, I knew I’d missed something.

sudo tar xzvf Kodi.15a2.CHD.Isengard.tar.gz -C /

Great - works perfectly.

just remember cb2 has no support so if you run into trouble it would get tricky when OSMC has the supported needed for HDD installation is recommended that you change to that this is just a quick fix not a permanent solution

Hi there, CB2 user here still using Gotham 13…any hints on how to upgrade to 14 or 15?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Rather people upgraded to OSMC the prolong the life of CB2 but there is a way look at kodi forums

just remember if you run into problems its kinda unsupported :smile: Merry Christmas // Toast

Using Putty for windows or Terminal in OSX, these commands (copy and paste 1 line at a time)

ssh atv@ip.address.of.atv password ... atv sudo wget && sudo chmod 755 && sudo ./

Then for Kodi Isengard, follow instructions already posted :grinning:
Kodi Helix has to be done first.

I managed to get my CB2 ATV1 upgraded to 15.0 Alpha2 by following the instructions above. I’d still like to get to 15.2, however.

I went to the Kodi Wiki “HOW-TO:Install Kodi for Linux” and found the following commands for upgrading to 15.2

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi

I have 2 questions.

  1. Is this the right Kodi to be using on the CB@ ATV1?

  2. Are the commands above correct?


Three issues, there is no Crystal HD support in the version that will be downloaded.

The Config manager will be missing.

And it will install to a different location compared to the Crystalbuntu version and will not even run on boot. Plus a bunch of other compatibility issues.

So pretty useless really. You will have to wait for Sam to sort HD installs out.

I followed wrxtasy’s instructions and upgraded one of my ATV1s to Kodi 15.0.

I tried to do another one this afternoon that was running Openelec off of USB. After copying crystalbuntu2.img40GB over to ATV1, I ran

dd if=/storage/crystalbuntu2.img40GB.bz2 | bzip2 -d | dd of=/dev/sda

and rebooted.

When it boots up it stops here. Hope you can read it. Any ideas? Thanks

CB is deprecated

You should OSMC now instead.

As per your other thread, if you are experiencing performance problems:

  • Please note where / what you are doing when you experience these issues.
  • Please provide some logs.

We said a quick fix not support closing this tread.