Is There A Web Browser For The Raspberry Pi?

I generally watch YouTube videos on my smart TV, but more and more content providers are moving to alternate platforms. I’ve tried accessing a couple of these (Odysee, BitChute) using the TV’s inbuilt web browser but I just get a blank page. Since I have a Raspeberry Pi, I was wondering if there was a simple web browser available that might work on these sites, so that I could watch them on the ‘big screen’ as opposed to a small laptop screen.

The only add-ons I can find just seem to allow me to control the Pi from my laptop

There is (see below) but this will not solve your problem as Video Playback in that solution is not hardware accelerated so it most likely will be unwatchable

Many thanks for the link. I should have said I saw that thread when I was searching, but a couple of things put me off. First, as you mention, it wasn’t geared for video playback, and secondly, it’s primarily still in testing, ideally requires a secondary Pi for installation and has a lot of coding involved. It looks like I’ll just have to stick with the laptop for Odysee and others.

Testing and testing? =) It’s not an official solution, and has been “upgraded” along the way since back when Kodi was v 16. It’s super stable as a desktop for your Pi, but there is no acceleration at all.

Nower days it is mostly in development/improved for Vero4k, trying to implement switching between Kodi and Desktop. But time is short when you got a needy wife and an even needier 5 months old girl.

I use standard deb packages for installation, and to run Desktop, it closes Kodi. The issues you might have is “timing of sleeps” in .sh files. Which is all covered 2-3 times in thread.

Thanks for the additional info. I’m not saying it isn’t any good, I’m just saying it isn’t for me. I was hoping that there would have been a ‘plug and play’ solution available for the Pi. i.e. a fully developed add-on that doesn’t require in-depth programming skills on a Pi.