Is there also other movie databases


is there a way that I can scrape the movie / tv series information from a German database?
Access to IMDB maybe?

If the database does not match the movie, how can I manually correct this?

Thanks a lot

These are questions for Kodi. OSMC has little bearing on the basic functions of Kodi such as media scraping.

I think you can use both IMDB and TMDB (when you select Set Source) out of the box.

Other scrapers are available as add-ons.

You can also manually set movie information using .nfo files.

@Astraub Is your intention to get German plot texts etc.? This is just a configuration setting for IMDB and TMDB.
Let us know if we can help.


Yes that’s the plan. I installed in the meantime the universal scraper add-on and set the language and scraper preferences accordingly, but I still get English plot lines.

I am not sure which scraper would be best suited for this? Does anyone have some experience here? Do I need a reboot after changing the language settings?

Furthermore it would of course be interesting how to erase/replace the already stored metadata in the player.

Any help is really appreciated!

I have the same problem but for Dutch. The main issue is that no DB really has everything in all languages. TVDB and TMDB are English. You can create translations in both if they do not exist. I find it more easy in TMDB. For TVDB as far as I know you have to request via a forum to get a translation or to enable another language. Could be wrong but I find TVDB a real PITA compared to TMDB when it comes to editing entries.

To erase metadata you can remove the entry from your library. To replace metadata you can choose to refresh the entry. If you enable the web-interface I think you can edit some metadata.

I have set the language preferences for the scrapers. Next I will remove my source directories, clean the database and then re-add the directories. Hope this will work …

You don’t need to remove the source directories. Just set the content to none and let Kodi clean the entries. After that, set the content back and rescan.

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That makes it a bit easier! Thanks!

Scanning will again take a long time (1400 movies and several 100 TV shows … well, family collection :wink:

I received my vero 4K last week. Everything works fine. I only have problems with the movie database.
I have configured the app to german language, but still i do get only data in english.
What do i make wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. Most scrappers are providing English content for all possible movies.
You could either check for other scrappers (under addons) that support German.
Or alternatively work with nfo files

When adding a source directory, you have to select the right language preferences in the detailed settings. If a German description is available, it will be selected while scraping the data.

I have added the movie directory via nfs - fstab, as suggested in this forum.
I can not remember any detailed settings or language preferences.
Where do i find these settings?

Add your mount point here

Whenever you add a directory to your library (“add media”) …

I have done so. Now everything works perfect. Thanks a lot to all of you…