Is there any way to display Krypton FAVOURITES in a LIST FORM (e.g., not "Tiles")

I find the Tiles view of Kodi Krypton Favourites to be way too cumbersome as I’m constantly scrolling up and down searching for the show I saved. I used to use CHROMA and it displayed Kodi Favourites in a list (albeit still not alphabetical).

QUESTION: Is there any way to change the display list of Favourites in Krypton to be a simple list format?, even if its still not alphabetical? Thanks.


If Chroma lists, rather than titles; you could just install Chroma.

As for sorting: From the google search the easiest way is to to sort the order in favourites.xml, which is located in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata.

Thanks Tom.

Tom, thanks for the info. As to Chroma, you’re right of course, but now I’m getting used to Krypton and figure I’ll stay with it.
As to sorting, I too came across something similar to the solution you mention but I wasn’t quite confident I knew enough to “make it happen” (and I so don’t want to screw up what’s working now). Do you have any further details or clarifications or stepXstep instructions on how to accomplish what you referenced? Or is there a link you saw that best explains how to do this? I’m not sure I’m experienced enough to know how to find/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata since I’ve not seen that ever before and don’t know where I’d get to it.
Any clarification or further direction would be appreciated!


The easiest way would be to download copy to your pc, via sftp. I use filezilla and I find use the site manager to connect to sftp, overview can be find here.

(full overview of filezilla FileZilla Wiki)

Logon Type: Normal.
Username: osmc
passowrd: (Default is osmc)

Once you’ve logged: On the right hand pane, you will be in the osmc home directory. The userdata folder is located inside the .kodi folder which you should be able to see.

Right click and download favourites.xml

Edit with notepad, overview of how the favourites.xml looks. Save changes and upload and overwrite the one on osmc. Your local/pc copy will be in the left pane on filezilla, right click and upload. (on filezilla)

Restart osmc.

Thanks Tom.