Is there anyway to Install Python 3.4?

Im running OSMC on a Pi 2 Model B. A fter a recent update the installed python version is now 3.5.

I’ve been running webiopi previously which worked happily with python3.4.
Webiopi does not work with python 3.5

Is it possible to install python 3.4 as well as 3.5. Python 3.5 will be the default symlink from python3 but if I can execute programs using /usr/bin/python34 this would work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You’d be able to download and build it from source, but there doesn’t appear to be a pre-built version available unfortunately.

Thank you Sam
I’ll install from source

I used this:

its work good (I got some warnings in compile, but works)
I replaced “3.6.6” to “3.6.4” in every command, because my project developed on this version.
I finished in 40 minutes on a Pi2