Is Vero 4K for me?

I apologise for what are probably simple questions but I’ve been Googling and reading many different posts and articles for days now since my new TV turned up last week and still seem to be miles away from a conclusive answer on what hardware I need to buy.

I bought a Kaby Lake NUC type device earlier this year thinking it was relatively future proof for media playback for a few years but it turns out its cooling solution is not so good and when the CPU becomes stressed it can’t handle running at 4k resolutions.

My main concern is I am looking for a device that can play 4K 10 bit HDR Bluray rips from my Windows 10 SMB shares and the 10/100 ethernet port gives me worries, so will this be achievable?
If the answer to that question is yes will the Vero 4K switch between HDR and non HDR content on the fly?

My TV has apps for Netflix and Amazon HDR content so it does not need to do those.

Will it work with my HD Homerun Connect tuner? I don’t need PVR functions so would the normal Kodi HD Homerun addon work ok with deinterlacing?

Also I am pretty au fait with many Kodi functions (advancedsettings.xml et all) but know absolutely nothing about Linux and SSH and sudo commands etc, how much can I change things without knowing these within the interface or is it just the normal Kodi settings available?

If all this can be achieved I’ll gladly pay the 100 quid for the Vero 4k,
my other option is to resurrect my old HTPC and fit a Nvidea GT 1030 card into for half the price, but no amount of reading I’ve done so far will confirm it will play 4K HDR bluray rips, all I can confirm is it wont play Netflix HDR as it doesn’t have 3GB VRAM which seems strange as I don’t think my TV has that much RAM in total but can do it lol.

If you check the threads on the forum you will see that nearly 99% should play fine with fstab based mounts combined with proper buffermode. But just check your rips Bitrate with mediainfo. If their average Bitrate is above 90Mbit (quite unlikely) you would either add a usb gigabit adapter or use the 5Ghz WiFi considering you have a stable wifi.


There are a few additional settings (eg remotes, mysql,… ) that you can configure via the MyOSMC GUI but from time to time it might still happen that you need the command line. But it is really easy.


You should be OK. This comes up a bit, but most content is < 100Mbps.
If push came to shove you could use a Gigabit USB Ethernet adapter; but we haven’t really found any use cases that warrant it at the moment.

It should be noted that streaming via Samba provides a lower level of throughput than NFS or SMB. Mounting Samba shares outside of Kodi, so that they are handled by the OS (OSMC itself) also provides improved performance.

Yes. The SoC has good deinterlacing capabilities. The HDHomeRun add-on will work fine. If you do want PVR; then our version of TVHeadend (found in the App Store) has HDHomerun support.

There’s obviously a money back guarantee. If you have problems you can return it within two weeks. I don’t think you’ll need to however.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the replies guys, my order has been placed.

P.S. the share with a friend for them to get 10% off seems to be borked,
I tried to send to a friend who I think will be interested in the Vero 4K but just got a page full of test posts

Yes – you accidentally stumbled across our new website which isn’t quite ready yet.
Unfortunately there aren’t any discounts available for the Vero 4K, as it’s already at its lowest price.

You’ll get an email when it ships. I’m actually in Purley so it won’t be travelling far


If I’d know you were only in Purley I’d have asked to come pick it up lol, I chose my fathers address for delivery as I don’t know if anyone will be home for delivery at my actual address.

No sweat about the discounts, I thought my friend who is in the same predicament as me over Windows rather substandard implementation of HDR and also finding out his PC is not as future proof as he thought would be interested,
I’m sure if my experience is successful he wont mind not having a tenner discount.

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As Sam wrote the current price is already heavily discounted compared to the original price.