Is vero 4k+ my mediaportal replacement?

Hi everyone,

My trusty old ION based mediaportal box is struggling with modern formats and playing even 720p files so I’m searching for a replacement.

The few requirements I have is optical audio output, and the ability to play media files stored on my synology NAS, movies, tv series, random videos etc…

Is vero 4k+ the obvious replacement? It appears to tick all the boxes, however I have never used kodi and want to be sure it is simple for accessing the media and doing covers for movies and series like I and used to with mediaportal.
Will I need to setup something like emby etc to act as media server for kodi?
sorry for the basic questions, up until now mediaportal has been awesome and if it wasnt for my ageing hardware I would stick with it!

any suggestions welcome!


Vero 4k+: Tick

Vero 4k+: Tick

Covers (and other information for movies and series are either collected online (by scrapers that are part of Kodi) or they are retrieved locally if you have respective covers and nfo files stored with your files. For the Online scrpers to work well you need to ensure that your movies/series are named respectively that they are automatically discovered (Naming video files/TV shows - Official Kodi Wiki)

No, basically your NAS serving the files should be good enough

@fzinken’s beat me to it, but the device should meet your requirements. We have a money back guarantee, so my recommendation is to try it.


thankyou for the quick response… I have the vero 4k+ in my shopping basket ready to go :slight_smile:

One last question, I saw something about a remote extension needed if you use your own IR remote but cannot see that in the shop to purchase. I use a harmony remote currently to control everything and guess it will be simple to use with the vero, but do I need an extension?

It comes as part of the box, but only is needed if you put the Vero4k in a place where no line of sight exists.

As written you may not need it but it already comes with the Vero.

One last point, yes I believe Mediaportal is quite outstanding and the move to Kodi will be a bit of work the good thing is that ones you have moved to Kodi you are no longer bound to Windows (x86) machines only but can use the same Media Center on many different kind of devices. And maybe actually a Linux OS on your ION with Kodi installed might even bring it back to some use.

Everything you need to operate an IR device is included in the package

my understanding is the ION cannot do hardware accelerated x265 which is a problem these days…

I will miss mediaportal, really awesome htpc software but hardware is limited to build a small PC with optical out etc that can run windows.