Is Vero 4K+ suitable for my needs?

I want to buy myself something fresh so I’m looking for recommendations.

At the end I would like to play any 4k (hd, uhd, whatever it’s called nowadays) content on Kodi without caring whether something i want to download will be supported by my device.

I would like to run Sonarr and Radarr on it.I would like to store the files on an external HDD.I want to share the files to another Kodi instance in the same network (for my bedroom) running on Raspberry Pi 3 (I do not intend to play 4k stuff on this device, of course).

(I currently do these things on OSMC on RPi3, without the 4k part)

And i would like for my setup to be useful in the next (at least) 3-4 years.

Is Vero 4K+ a good option? (I like that I won’t have to deal with finding a case, heat sinks etc.)

Would i be able to SSH it like i am on the OSMC on RPi and play with it (eg. install apache server)?

What if i mess something with Kodi/system (eg. let’s imagine i install apache and mess something). Will I be able to just do a fresh install of OSMC on the sd card?



If you like OSMC, then this is your best option to keep running OSMC but upgrade your device’s capabilities.

Yes. You’ll have full access to the device.

There is no SD card – but there is internal storage (eMMC).
If you want to reinstall, you can go to and install a version of OSMC on to a USB stick or SD card. This is then written to the internal storage when booting

Any questions let me know.

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Thank you for the response!

Sorry for the repetition but i want to be sure - Will I be able to run Sonarr and Radarr just as I run them on OSMC on Raspberry Pi?

Yes. The underlying operating system is the same.

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