Is Vero 4k the box for vpn, iptv, and pvr?

Those are features I’m looking for. Cable cutting to the hilt! Should I get a Vero?
I’ve been tinkering with rpi for years and have come to rely on osmc for my kodi experience.
I’d like to set up the wife with a full function experience and wish to support iptv and kodi. So is vero 4k best way to go? How easy is it to get these things (vpn,iptv,pvr) with the vero 4 k ?
Better option? Thanks

All of these functions are supported.

We can’t provide support for IPTV beyond providing the IPTV add-on however. Put bluntly, if the provider’s streams suck, then we cannot fix that.

Have a good New Year


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Couldn’t find Vero on my local… but an email reminder link to this local site with purchase via chrome/Google pay, facilitated extremely efficient transaction.

Will be running the 4K upstairs for the wife and a good old raspberry pi 2b/Windows combo downstairs. Happy New :tada: Year

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