Is Vero4k able to use harmony hub as BT remote?

Hello everyone,

I have a harmony hub and a vero 4k. I’ve read multiple guides but I have not been successful in getting Vero to detect Harmony keyboard. It will detect my phone, smartwatch but not my harmony hub.

I have tried adding manufacturer as Microsoft and model as kodi. Afterwards on my phone launch harmony app, select windows media player as the device, click on directional buttons, go to my osmc>network and discover devices… Never shows up

I really screw this up. You MUST create an activity in order for a sync Bluetooth prompt to show up on the harmony app.

3 hours because I couldn’t figure this out, I’m hungry lol. Thank you everyone, hope this helps someone in the future.

Follow this guide but after step 3 create an activity which will use this new “kodi”.

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