Is your V running stable?

Happy new year!

I switched from a Vero 4k to a Vero V a few weeks ago. Since the change I experienced different (not reproducible) crashes (sad blue face).
Sometimes when scanning the library (and doing nothing else) I get a sad face.
Sometimes when watching a movie (1080p, LAN, not USB device) I get a sad face in the middle of the movie. Yesterday I even had a crash that resulted in the sad face screen, but only the upper 15% of the image were visible, the rest was grey. After the automatic reboot even the KODI interface was just visible in the upper 15% of the screen. After replugin the power it bootet up fine and everything worked again.
The Vero V stands on top of a cupboard, so there is no heat buildup. Though the Vero V gets rather warm (not hot).
I use the Vero V every day and most of the time it works fine. As I cannot reproduce the errors I cannot upload any log file.

Do your Vero Vs run stable all the time?


My first one wasn’t stable at all, I had constant crashes in menu and videos, luckily after contacting Sam and many many logs later he exchanged it with other one, which hasn’t had a single crash yet.

Maybe you got a Monday morning one just like my first, Sam wil take care of it I’m sure.

Rock solid, but I get curious. If it happens that regularly I got to think there is something triggering it. Haveing multiple crashes is possible for various reasons. Sadface just means there is something in the system that has gone wrong, and mediacenter restarts, Nine times out of ten it is a software issue, since it doesn’t really crash, but just restarts the mediacenter application.

First of all, next time it happens, try a “grab-logs -A” in an ssh session, that will give you and url to where your VeroV has pasted a filtered version of you logs. If you want further help diagnosing the problem that would be the first step, you paste the url here.

Edit: Changed approach…


Should be stable - only thing I can think of is did you restore from a backup?


Hi Sam,
I did setup the Vero as a new device first and then copied the .kodi folder from the Vero 4k to the Vero V to restore all settings. Both devices were updated to the december release.

Let’s keep an eye on things. If you still experience crashes I have some ideas for some things we can check.

Hey everybody,

I set mine up as a new device and redid all of the settings by hand without restoring any old setting files.

It is by far the most stable box I have ever owned (inlcuding older Veros, Raspis, Odroids, China-Boxes, Shield and Thin-Clients).

I haven’t seen the box since I installed it on day one - which is a good thing :wink:

best regards and a happy new year,

[PS: I’m running the pretty demanding Arctic Horizon 2 skin, Jellyfin Addon so it’s light on the local media dbs, Youtube 4K, hyperion-ng and TVheadend]

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