Issue Accessing Music by Naim streamer using Kodi as an UPnP Server on Vero 4K

Hi All!

This might not be the exact forum for my question, but I have posted similar inquiries on Kodi and Naim forums. However, the issue remains unresolved as of now.

I’m encountering an issue while attempting to stream music by Naim streamer. My music files are stored on QNAP NAS. UPnP server is provided by Kodi on Vero 4K. The playback device is a Naim NDX 2 operated via Naim App. All three units are wired to the router.

The Naim app correctly identifies the UPnP server and its associated folders such as “Genre,” “Artists,” “Albums,” and “Songs.” Further, when I navigate to:

“Genre” → “Artists” → “Album”


“Artists” → “Album,”

it displays all the correct artists and album cover arts during these selections. But upon tapping “Album,” it returns a “no results” message.

Curiously, selecting “Albums” or “Songs” directly from the root displays all tracks with the correct album cover art, allowing playback.

My other media players like my Windows PC or LG TV (2018 model) can successfully navigate through Kodi UPnP server folders “Genre” → “Artists” → “Album” and play music without any issues.

I’m seeking help and any suggestions from someone who has successfully used Naim streamers with Kodi/Vero 4K UPnP server.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

It’s possible you could see something in logs. If you reboot then access an album from your PC, then try the same from Naim the difference might show up. upload the log from MyOSMC or grab-logs -A.

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Thank you @grahamh for your advice and apologies for the delay in providing the required logs. I’ve taken some extra steps to gather the information for further investigation.

To provide some context, I created a simplified music library on Vero 4K, consisting of only one ‘Genre’ (Jazz), five artists, and thirty albums. I conducted tests using three UPnP clients: Windows Media Player, LG TV Media Player, and NAIM NDX-2 streamer.

Here’s an overview of the testing process:

  1. Select UPnP server ‘KODI - Vero 4K’
  2. Choose ‘Music Library’
  3. Navigate to ‘Genres’
  4. Select ‘Jazz’ (the only genre in my test library)
  5. Choose an artist, in this case, ‘The Oscar Peterson Trio,’ with 13 albums. At this step, the Naim streamer returned ‘no results,’ while the other UPnP clients listed all 13 albums correctly.
  6. Proceed to ‘Album’ and select a song to play.

Both Windows and LG TV media players correctly played the music without any issues.

I’ve filtered out all rows except the ones relating to UPnP activity (please let me know if you require full logs). The links to the log files are below:

  1. Windows Media Player log

  1. LG TV Media Player log

  1. Naim Streamer log

I kindly request your assistance in analyzing the logs to determine if there are any issues with the way the Naim streamer accesses the Vero 4K UPnP library.

Thank you in advance for your support and insights.

Thanks for the logs. It’s this bit, confirms what you observe:

2023-10-09 12:41:25.875 T:2950    debug <CUPnPServer[Vero4K]>: Returning UPnP response with 5 items out of 5 total matches
2023-10-09 12:41:29.075 T:2950    debug <CUPnPServer[Vero4K]>: Translated id to 'musicdb://genres/1/3/?albumartistsonly=false&genreid=1'
2023-10-09 12:41:29.075 T:2950     info <CUPnPServer[Vero4K]>: Received Browse DirectChildren request for object 'musicdb://genres/1/3/?albumartistsonly=false&genreid=1', with sort criteria 

On Vero, your log clip stops at that 5 items out of 5 total matches line. We can also see that the request to list directory entries is different between the three clients. On Windows, filter is *, on LG it’s a long list and on Naim it’s a shorter list. I wonder what that means and whether there’s any settings on the Naim that can change it.

It would also be interesting to see what happens using Kodi on Windows as a server. (or do you know already?). I’m not aware OSMC patches any of the stock Kodi code for UPnP, but I’m no expert.