Issue after flashing new image

A while back I flashed …vero3_20210414 for matrix upgrade and had no problems. Today, I decided to redo from scratch (lots of questionable addons I wanted gone) and flashed …vero3_20210808. I’ve found the setup wizard no longer goes to network setup; had to pull it up manually. And now I can’t get correct time. I’ve stopped/restarted ntp daemon time still incorrect, running 4hrs ahead. Please advise.

How are you connected (wired or wireless?
Did you use preseed when you installed?

On wireless and did not preseed, which I did do when I first flashed the matrix upgrade. Will reflash later once I settle back in.

Ok, DO NOT preseed as that is broken. You then should be able to connect via MyOSMC after installation is finished

We are working on this still.