Issue on frame refresh on new TV


I’m having an issue that I will try to explain the best way I can, tomorrow i’ll upload debug logs, but maybe you can point me in the direction straight away if its a common issue.

I just got a new tv, a 65" samsung, 100hz 4k and am trying to play a 1080p file (around the 7gb size). In the darker bits it is very clear to see that the previous frames stick on the screen a little bit making it a bit “ghost like”. So for example if a person is walking, his shadow is sort of flowing behind for a second and remainders from the lighter parts of the screen will remain in the darker part as the video continues. I’m not sure if I’m stating my problem correctly, it appears as if the frames melt together basically. This is a new problem (since I changed TV) that only appears through my Vero 4K, but on all files.
I’ll post debug log tomorrow, but just wanted to get the problem out there since its a bit frustrating. I’m fairly sure its just a setting that needs to be looked at.

Thank you for your support!

Sounds like this issue

Oh yes! I’ll follow that topic, it is exactly like this! Thank you, and sorry for wasting a topic.