Issue playing videos from a Macbook shared folders to my Vero 4K+

I recently got a Macbook that is replacing a Windows PC, so yesterday I decided to start the “migration” process to the new environment, which proved to be very straightforward actually. I was using SMB with my Windows computer to share the external hard drives where my movies are stored, so I did the same with the Mac and the Vero 4K+ recognized the sources just fine, it even scraped all the posters, but when I finally sit to play a movie it showed me this error: “one or more items failed to play”.

This happens with every external hard drive source, any folder and any file type (mp4, mkv) no matter if it’s 4K, HD or SD. I deleted the sources and re-entered them with no luck.

This is my log:

Any help will be much appreciated.

Edit: I continue to crack my brain and finally hit it home, I had the Kodi smb services set to minimum smb2 and maximum smb3, I changed it to smb1 minimum and maximum and it did the trick.

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That normally would not remove your items that are already in the database.
So either need to delete your database or use path substitution.

Thanks a lot. I just spend 3 hours trying to get this working. Strangely enough it worked from my other kodi devices, but on the vero 4k I need to set smb min/max to v1.