Issue playing x265 720p videos on RPi 3

I can’t remember the exact time they stopped working, but videos that did previously work no longer do.

I was on the previous version of Kodi (so that might be it) until my SD card failed recently (December 23) and when i recovered my installation, I had to reinstall and restore my backup. Reinstalling put me on what is now the latest version of Kodi.

Videos that are in x265 720p previously played fine on my RPi 3 but now all I get is sound and the video doesn’t play.

x264 works fine still in 720p and 1080p (x265 1080p has never worked due to the performance of the RPi 3 AIUI).

I opened the file in MediaInfo also.

That would be expected after Kodi v19.

Unfortunately hardware acceleration of HEVC on Pi 3 was never officially supported

I had a feeling that was the case, so by holding off moving from v19 to v20 (which was forced by the SD card failing) I’ve now lost most of my content.

Will a RPi 4 work fine?

Yes - there is hardware acceleration for HEVC on Pi 4

Yes the Pi4 works but especially if going for 4k I recommend the Vero V as it is just more universal in playing 4k HDR/DV.

Thanks, I thought I had read the RPi 4 didn’t have hardware acceleration for several formats which was why I held off upgrading. Now I just need to compare costs/features and work out if the RPi 4 makes sense or the Vero V.

I suppose in the meantime if I do setup Jellyfin then my x265 content will just get transcoded into x264 so it can play?