Issue Raspberry 4 doesn't detect OSMC installer

I’ve received my Raspberry Pi 4, I’ve tried to install OSMC as usual on the SD card via the OSMC installer but once I’ve plugged the SD card into the Pi 4, it doesn’t boot on or launch the setup but if I plugged the same SD into my old pi 3 .
The installation start and everything is fine.

Is there any update on the OSMC installer ?
Does somebody have encountered the same issue ?

PS : I’ve installed LibreElec on the SD to ensure that the Pi 4 is working and it is but I want my OSMC back :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards

OSMC haven’t been released to Pi4 yet

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Libreelec works well on RPI4.
OSMC prefers VERO !
They sell this system themselves .
Just look at the logs of the latest updates on their blog !
Bug Fixes: Vero …, Vero …, Vero …, … .
Improve the user experience: Vero …, Vero …, Vero …, … .
Few of the bugs on the RPI that are mentioned on the forum the last year have been fixed in the new updates.
Done the beautiful open source days !
OSMC has become a company that wants to make money by selling their media center system !
I have been on Libreelec for a while because of the lack of suport for the RPI on this forum and in the updates .
Also very negative about criticism !
They will probably block me for 2 weeks by posting this .
LOL !!!

OSMC support for the Raspberry Pi 4 is in the works but it doesn’t work nicely with Kodi just yet. There is a way to make this work better which I believe LibreElec are using but this won’t work in the next release of Kodi so is only a short term gain. I believe the OSMC dev team are looking towards the long term future so any gains only useful in the short term are not a good use of developer time.

I’m sorry you bought a Raspberry Pi 4 without first checking that it’s supported on the operating system you want to run, this is not the dev teams fault but rest assured, there is work ongoing to bring this support to you.

As for the Vero receiving support, this is often the case in Open Source projects, the paid customers effectively fund support for the customers that don’t contribute. Look at Red Hat and Fedora, Red Hat is a pay-for operating system but this funds Fedora development and also the downstream distributions like CentOS also benefit from this, nothing new here.

No one is going to block you. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s wrong

The Raspberry Pi 4 is completely different hardware, so it needs to be brought up accordingly. It’s not a minor revision where support can be added just by bumping the kernel and firmware version.

We continue to provide monthly updates for the Raspberry Pi. Soon, that will include the Pi 4 too. There are some issues we can’t always fix promptly on the Pi. We don’t manufacture it and there are closed source binary blobs. This means more often than not that video playback issues need to be solved directly by Raspberry Pi developers themselves.

If LibreELEC works for you, you’re welcome to use that. Hopefully I have made our roadmap for Pi clear in the blog post.



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@wilsnico1 Geez talk about open source entitlement.

One Vero is the flagship that provides you with the software the thing that Sam makes a living on the thing he really needs to support in order to make all of the other things available.

You are free to use the software however the developer has the freedom to support whatever they want in due time not when you want it.

i know that in due time Sam will support the RPI4 and it will run just fine but i dont go out of my way to stress that development cause i know there are more pressing issues that Sam has to deal with.
you really need to reconsider your standpoint, its not like the dev team on OSMC is a huge with loads of people working on it.

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Years go by and some people still think open source developers owe something to them.


I dont always give my hard work away for free, but when I do there is always some asshat who has used my products free of charge to spew some negativity about me on a public forum.


Thanks a lot.
I was looking into the Help and support and didn’t looked into the Raspberry Pi official topic.
My bad :s

Have a good day.