Raspberry Pi 4 Model B announced - OSMC

Try re-encoding with Handbrake just for fun and see how performs.

I cannot wait to get an OSMC build for the pi 4. I’ve been using Libreelec and there’s no comparison. Just want to thank the OSMC team for not rushing out a build. Your builds are always rock solid because you take the time to get it right the first time. Hope Sam is enjoying his much earned vacation.

It’s probably because the processor is fast enough to decode 1080p in either of those formats in software. Since you’re never going to see either one of those formats used for more than 1080p, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The Pi4 could probably even handle H.264 in software at 1080p, although it would push the CPU a bit.

How does Pi 4 do against 1080i MPEG2/VC1? I assume de-interlacing is done on software too?

I cant wait to install OSMC in my Pi 4, I bought it when its out! Do you have any info of when the image roll out?

When it’s ready, we’ll let you know.



Keep up the good work :wink: Ill be waiting for news!

If I installed OSMC on RPI 3 and version for Rpi 4 will be out, will be necessary clean install (like for B+) or only update on RPI 3 and moving of SD card to RPI 4 will be enough?

A new installation will be needed.

Hi Sam,
I know there is a lot of work to prepare osmc distribution for RPI4, but do you have any approximate information? December 2019? March 2020?

I would like to use the equipment in some installations, but I am not sure whether to expect support within this period.

When it’s ready; but before December 2019 certainly.


Fast playback (2x, 4x, 16x) works very bad with the Pi3 - the image stops partially and then skips a few seconds. Is this problem fixed when using the Pi4?

No one knows, osmc isn’t available for the Pi4.

Why would anyone assume it is if it wasn’t announced yet and it’s not on the download page.

Dunno, ask @Ernesto

I would hazard the guess that @Ernesto is hoping form some informed speculation on the performance.
However being uninformed doesn’t stop me from speculating :slight_smile:
The Pi4 does have improved network specs (gigabit Ethernet) so fast-forwarding performance might be better assuming that decoding isn’t a bottle neck for this particular task. I always assumed it was network bandwidth that would be limiting in forwarding through HD movies from a remote (NAS) location, but I could be wrong.

Hi, that with the network connection sounds very reasonable and gives hope. It may well be that the problem is due to this.

Seems more like a problem on your end, i have a have 2 pis, 3 and 3B not a single one of them has that issue. Mounted via system mount (smb) i only had this issue when i used the kodi intern mounting system.

People in general have little to no understanding of networking and tend to blame the software for their problems.

If using SMB, try using an FTP server instead and see if the superior speed of FTP helps to resolve the issue.