Issue to connect to NAS with autofs NFS/SMB

Man I’m having trouble with autofs NFS mounting:

So I have a nas “Mattsnas” with the share folder, literally called “share” and then “movies” and “tv series” inside this. \mattsnas\share\movies etc

So when I use-

/mnt/server1/share1 IP of server1:/path/to/share1

is the first share 1 what you want to call it or what it’s actually called? Or is this “share” (in my case, so you can then go inside kodi and separately configure movies folder and tv series folder for the particular content?) And why are you entering the path twice?

Or do I somehow add both of these shared folders - does anything then need to be configured inside kodi? It’s always so complicated.

I have NFS turned on in the NAS settings.

And how do I enter the username and password for the nas?

All of these are just examples how I structure it for myself and especially the structure using a separation by server is just my own choice.
I am not “entering” the path twice but you have to name the destination (where in the OSMC Filesystem should it be mounted) and name the Source (which source to mount).

Post the output of showmount -e followed by the IP of Mattsnas and post the output here and we should be able to advice the correct autofs config.

Cheers man

osmc@osmc:~$ showmount -e
Export list for

Well that doesn’t look good. If you are sure that is the IP Address of Mattsnas then it doesn’t have any NFS exports. Are you sure you correctly configured NFS exports on the NAS or maybe only SMB ones?

is it not showing anything because the osmc box hasn’t logged into it yet? I’m sure of the ip and I already use it as a network drive in windows for backing everything up. NFS is defintely turned on or allowed in the nas. Synology 220+.
Actually, I just found out I need another step, standby…

No, showmount shows NFS mount that are “exported” and for most NFS solutions there is no “logging in” as the authentication is just done on IP Address base not user/password.

Ok that means we know SMB is working.

You would need to allow it for your IP Range

osmc@osmc:~$ showmount -e
Export list for

…24 is the osmc box

/mnt/volume1/share ???

osmc@osmc:~$ ls -lah /mnt/volume1/share
ls: cannot open directory ‘/mnt/volume1/share’: No such file or directory

Ok, so you only have 1 share and then folders underneath (as you already wrote).
So it really depends how you prefer it but you could do


If you enter this into auto.nfs.shares and restart autofs you should get your folder when running ls /mnt/share

and when I then navigate to this share within kodi I can then assign the sub folders as either movies or tv whatever?

osmc@osmc:~$ ls -lah /mnt/share
ls: cannot open directory ‘/mnt/share’: Permission denied


does osmc connect with a port higher than 1024


Did you restart autofs?
Run paste-log /etc/auto.master and paste-log /etc/auto.nfs.shares and share the URLs

I don’t think this config is working but I am not a Synology expert.
Is there any reason why you want to use NFS instead of SMB?

nfs over smb only for the speeds I guess - no there is no compelling reason. Maybe I just stick to that!

Well using autofs to mount the SMB shares should be giving you enough bandwidth as long as you have an acceptable network speed. Surely NFS is more native and more performant but unless you know what you do it is additional work.

cheers, I’ll just use smb .

well I can’t even browse the nas from within kodi (browsing smb to select a media folder), let alone use autofs with smb.
Vero set to smb min/max “none/smb3”, nas set to min/max “smb2/smb3”.

Cant even see the nas server when browsing with smb (the laptop can see it fine, even have mapped network drives etc). When browsing through NFS can at least see the server,, and the share, but no sub folders where the material is.

This has to be the most clunky part of kodi. How can file sharing within your own network be so hard??