Issue with 4K HEVC 7.1 TrueHF or DTS HD files

I’m using plexkodiconnect and I can get all 1080P files to play just fine.
4K files stop playing after sometime (1-2 minutes), then buffer and start playing again.

Everything is hardwired, and using the same connection AppleTV4K plays the file just fine (Plex and infuse).

Is there a better way to set up Plex or configure the network better on Vero4K+?

The sound (when it plays) is fantastic. The apparent buffering is an issue.



We need full logs, not just bit and pieces. But from the logs supplied there look to be lots of network issues.

This stands out in the logs you supplied:

2020-09-10 19:09:50.694 T:3126067936 WARNING: addons must not activate DialogBusy
2020-09-10 19:09:50.695 T:3174060768   ERROR: CAMLCodec::AddData: packet to big: 467523, probably corrupted
2020-09-10 19:09:58.027 T:3126067936   ERROR: Previous line repeats 3957 times.

Have you tried playing one of the 4K videos without using Plex?

Ok. Let me upload all logs with a new movie.

You mean connecting a hard drive directly ?

The easy way would be to use a USB stick. Or, you could mount the share where the files are located. I assume that the files are on a local Plex server?

Yes files are on a local Plex server.

So weird now - I rebooted and some 4K movies are playing fawlessly.

Will do a little more troubleshooting.

Is the Plex server doing any transcoding? Or is it just passing all video/audio through?

I would either configure plexkodiconnect to use local paths or else do whatever you need to on both the client and server to get direct play working. On my Plex server I had to tell it to skip authentication for my LAN to get this working reliably.

OK. i think i fugured out the issue. I had moved plex to a different subnet so all devices were registering as remote. Hence bandwith was limited and it was stuttering.
I had to fix the setting on the plex server (local network IP address range) and everything works well.

This is now resolved.