Issue with SMB path to NAS location for backups

The problem does not seem to come from my NAS, nor from the directory on it where it should be backed up.
The SMB settings on the NAS are OK and OSMC/Kodi can access this volume.
The problem only arises for the backup: the path is not found and I cannot find any way to change it in the MY OSMC interface.
The log tells me that there is a problem, but I don’t know how to correct it.
While searching the forum I found this:

But I don’t have this mediasources.xml file!?

Fixed by activating ws-discovery in services>smb client.

In that thread I suggested to just manually add that file and edit the file that contains the credentials it would use as a work around to having problems getting the file path through the GUI. The larger explanation to what I was getting at is that Kodi can store file paths in two seperate files. The first is sources.xml and that is where Kodi stores all the paths added for the audio and video libraries. The other is mediasources.xml which are file paths added through File Manager in Kodi’s settings. These are the file paths used by some add-ons and settings such as the location of the artists information folder. When your trying to add a network path in one of these places and browsing isn’t working for you a solution can be to go into File Manager and add the top level of the network location there where you can manually add the server name/ip and credentials. Once that has been added then when browsing you will have this location you added in the list where it can be easily navigated afterwards.

Understood. Thanks for the explanation: I see it more clearly now.

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