Issues with CEC following upgrade


Upgraded OSMC this morning to Kodi v19 on my Pi 3B+ - all generally OK, aside from an odd issue with CEC.

Some of the buttons (pause/play etc) from the remote no longer work. Other buttons (such as navigation/select) work fine through CEC.

Everything was fine prior to upgrading this morning.

Troubleshooting steps so far: check logs, disable/enable CEC in Kodi & TV, power off everything & unplug for 15 minutes and power back on.

Quick output from kodi.log (grepping just for HandleKey logs)

osmc@osmc:~/.kodi/temp$ tail -f kodi.log | grep Handle
2021-08-08 15:19:42.156 T:478 DEBUG : HandleKey: 167 (0xa7, obc88) pressed, action is Down
2021-08-08 15:19:42.940 T:478 DEBUG : HandleKey: 166 (0xa6, obc89) pressed, action is Up
2021-08-08 15:19:44.056 T:478 DEBUG : HandleKey: 166 (0xa6, obc89) pressed, action is Up

Logs uploaded to (though it shows "Document Not Found)

Log contents;
Navigated using CEC
Started playing something
Attempted to pause (doesn’t show in log)
Stopped via on screen options
Uploaded log

Any thoughts? Understand this isn’t a huge issue in the grand scheme of things.

You might need to adjust the keymap.

CEC uses a new upstream implementation which might behave differently for some devices.


Thanks Sam
I’m assuming you mean to configure the keyID in .kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml? I’ve configured keymaps for other buttons on the remote (working fine) however anything I try and do using the play/pause keys on the remote doesn’t do anything.

OSMC doesn’t seem to be registering the button presses though (they don’t appear in the log like “ok” & navigation buttons) so I’m not sure what to configure the kaymaps to?


OK - lets close this issue. Though I have no idea what I did aside from rebooting everything again, it’s now working as expected!

Sorry for wasting time!