Issues with filenames that include the word 'Sample'

I tried to scrap a video that inlcuded the word ‘Sample’. The video is an episode and I use NFO files to import the episode into Kodi. I could not get the episode to even show up in Kodi.

I was finally able to trace the issue back to the word ‘Sample’ in the file name.

Any thoughts why that word is special to Kodi?

Here is the question I asked on the Kodi forums as well.
Problem importing video when file includes ‘Sample’ (3) (

Thanks for the discussion.

You posed this question here one minute after asking on the Kodi forum? It took a whole six minutes for your question to be answered over there. This is bad form.

To expand on what was said though, There exists a common thing whereas a sample of a video file would exist in the same folder as a video file so having default settings such that both would get scraped would result in duplicates in your library. I think the word “trailer” does the same thing.

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I can understand you didn’t like I posted in two places. Bad form? No. The intent was to disseminate this “feature” to as many people as possible so when they search the internet they can determine the problem unlike myself. As you know, the answer in the KODI forums didn’t answer the question of why this is programmed like this. I knew how to fix it before I posted.

I know of the dash after the title which tells KODI the intent of that file. Are there other trigger words that will prevent KODI from including a file?


It is in the advancedsettings.xml wiki

2.4.10 excludefromscan

Matches filenames or folders which should be excluded from a library scan (except tvshows) using a list of Regular Expressions. This can be for both Video or Audio sections of advancedsettings.xml.


    <regexp>[!-._ \\/]sample[-._ \\/]</regexp> 
  • Arguments action=“append” or action=“prepend” will insert user specified expressions after, or before, the defaults above. (Further details in moviestacking section)

Thank you for the response. I never would of thought to look in that file.