Issues with fstab-Samba Shares, Buffering and overall performance

I’ve been running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2, my files are stored in a Time Capsule, which is configured over fstab as a SMB data source, connected over Wi-FI.

I’ve tweaked advancedsettings, disabled power saving (to avoid wifi drops), and everything used to work just fine until a few days ago.

Nothing in the physical setting has changed, but I tried a clean install of OSMC and reconfiguring everything as it was, and now I get a bunch of errors, such as “Can’t connect to remote server”, when adding files, and terrible buffering issues.

Maybe the hardware itself has run out it’s useful life, but I would like to sort this thing out.

Here’s my log:

Well WiFi channel occupancy could have changed. Did you check your WiFi throughput with iperf3?

I tested over three different channels to no avail.

So what is the throughput with iperf3 you reach? That will tell us if it makes sense to investigate anything outside the WiFi topic

The log shows that you’re on 2.4 GHz channel 1. Most routers out of the box are pre-configured to run on either channel 1 or 6, so you’ll often give yourself a better chance by moving to channel 11. Unfortunately, some people also try the in-between channels and/or 40 MHz channel width, so 2.4 GHz can be a bit “busy” in residential areas.

Your log also shows that the uptime of your Pi was only 41 minutes and during that time the Pi had dropped and re-connected to the WiFi AP 8 times, so it looks like something is causing instability.