Issues with latest version - how to downgrade?

Hi guys, I’m running OSMC on a Rpi 2 + external hard drive, eminence skin and no non-kodi add-ons installed (also have sickrage running on the pi).
Sadly, after many weeks of absolutely flawless and snappy performance, the last update broke many things - random and slightly frequent crashes, slight lag while skipping video playback back and forth, and for some reason some settings on my advancedsettings.xml are now being ignored (particularly the option to not show all seasons on tv show menu).
Happy to provide a log, but also would like to know if it’s possible to downgrade, as my latest backup is too old, from when things weren’t so stable - failing that, is there a way to use the version in the current installer without erasing my non-osmc settings on the pi - like the sickrage/transmission setup?
Amazing job anyway, love the platform and would just like to have it back to where it was running perfectly.

The slower skipping is probably the additive seek steps. You can configure that in gui:

Many thanks! That did the trick - wasn’t aware of this option.
Still leaves me with the sluggish system and constant crashes though…

You could start by providing full debug logs taken when the problems have occurred, otherwise we have nothing to go on. Saying “stuff doesn’t work properly” doesn’t actually help to get any of the issues diagnosed or solved.

Sorry for that, here you go, added the logs for kodi, kernel and dmesg:
Didn’t manage to reproduce the exact same crash, but all images were gone (fan arts, icons, banners, posters) and all sound was off as well. Couldn’t tell you the exact trigger on my side.

Thanks for looking into it.


Nothing stands out in the log.
Can I ask you to rename .kodi to .kodi_back and reboot.
That will start from a clean set of settings and no addons. Do the minimum you can to get kodi usable (e.g. leave skin as osmc or confluence and don’t install any addons). Do you have the same problems?

If the problem has gone, then gradually add settings and addons, checking for problems after each change.