Issues with mpd on a Vero 2


I know it’s not strictly within the device main features, and thus might not be supported officially, but there are some smart people here with good experience, so i’ll try to ask.

I’m trying to use mpd on my Vero 2 box for music playback, since Kodi’s web interface is sluggish and not very convenient if you have hundreds of albums. It all worked perfectly until a few days ago. The setup is as follows: mpd on the Vero 2, fixed to an IP address, and i’m using Cantata on the client side, and MPDroid on my phone/tablet.

Since monday, the mpd service freezes and music playback stops after a few minutes, or sometimes doesn’t even start at all. I have not changed any configurations prior to this issue, and have not installed any updates manually. The same problem exists with other client apps, and with any source material (local files or online stream). Restarting the mpd.service doesn’t help (it restarts, but music still doesn’t continue playing), but if i wait a couple of minutes, playback resumes for a few seconds, then stops again, and so on.

Here’s a pastebin of the mpd.log, if it helps (i replaced the full paths with (…) for readability):

mpd support may be better equipped to answer this for you, I have not seen anyone else here mention them using this.


Firstly, I don’t know anything about MPD, but thanks for the log. It shows that your audio is stopping most likely because Kodi is also trying to open the audio sink (either to play menu sounds, notifications or actual audio). The Vero 2 SoC can support dual audio from two different applications as it exposes two sinks.

I would recommend as follows:

  • Ensure Kodi is configured to output to ‘SPDIF’. Audio will still be routed over HDMI, but this will guarantee you can benefit from passthrough if you use it.
  • Install alsa-utils (sudo apt-get install alsa-utils). Use aplay -l to list your sinks. Configure MPD to use the Analogue sink. The audio will still go via HDMI, but the sink will not be looked by Kodi or MPD and they should be able to co-exist.

I made a similar recommendation regarding Spotify Web App to a Vero 2 user. See No kodi sound output if spotify-connect-web server is active - #11 by sam_nazarko.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

At the moment the hardware setup is like this: HDMI cable goes to the TV from the Vero 2, and a coaxial cable goes to the DAC, which can send the sound to either the speakers or headphones. The reason for this is much higher quality audio, than through the built-in analogue output or HDMI.

It is possible that Kodi is trying to send audio to the same sink, i’ll have to check that out. However, it worked fine for months, until now (even when i only paused a video, and started music via MPD). Maybe i need to find a way to mute Kodi, unless there is a movie playing. Maybe that would free up the SPDIF sink.

Do you think it would be a solution if i used PulseAudio instead of Alsa? On my laptop PA can pretty much handle simultaneous audio sources.

To free up the audio sink, you can just specify two different audio devices as mentioned above. The SoC outputs to both.

It will actually give you more problems with Kodi and passthrough.


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Just FYI - music handling said to be improved in Kodi 17 - beta available.

Well, so far it seems that the suggestion was solid gold :smile: Although i had to switch the sinks, and leave the SPDIF for MPD (otherwise there is no ssignal on the coaxial) and set the analogue in Kodi. This way it seems like the two live happily side by side. I’ll keep testing in the next few days, but hopefully the problem is solved!

Thanks for the great support!

@paulwebster: Thanks for the tip. The problem is that if i had to flip between about a 1000 albums with the remote, i’d go nuts pretty quickly. The webUI is better, but the refresh speed is far behind of what i can get with Cantata or MPDroid.

The only exception to the audio out of both sinks should only be when passthrough is being used, but as long as it’s working, that’s great to hear.


Not exactly sure how this passthrough works (or if i’m using it at all), have to read up on the topic.

However the DAC i use is only a stereo device, supports PCM and DSD for music listening, but no DTS or Dolby. So at first glance, it doesn’t seem that useful for me.


Passthrough is for DTS and Dolby Digital, if you’re not using that, then you don’t need to worry about it. If things sound OK, then they probably are.


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Lovely, thanks again!

You’re welcome, let me know if you run in to any problems.