Issues with tv, both overscan and CEC

Hello again everyone,

I’ve recently upgraded to a rpi3 and done a clean install of osmc. I then copied backups of advanced settings, sources and passwords xml files so as to have the setup for the MySQL database I use, as well as all of the sources and passwords.

The issue I’m having, which I’ve not seen before is that the TV doesn’t seem to be registering correctly with osmc. The picture is too large for the screen, and the CEC isn’t working at all. None of these issues (other then some minor cec problems) happened with my old rpi2 and the TV hasn’t changed either.

I’ve also tried a number of suggestions that seem common. I have turned off all devices for at least 15mins, tried creating a edid.dat file, tried multiple different resolution and refresh combinations as well as different CEC settings. None of which have done anything to help.

Any more suggestions on how to fix the screen size and CEC?

Many thanks,


Check your TV for a setting called 1:1 or “Just Scan”

Power down (disconnect from power) the Pi and the TV for a couple of minutes. Power on TV and then the Pi

Thanks for the quick reply, I have tried all the different aspect ratios of the tv which no change. Also have already unplugged all the devices for at least 15mins again with no joy.

If it was working OK with the RPi2, compare the contents of /boot/config.txt.

If you can’t fix the screen size with a TV setting, use System-Display-Video calibration after setting settings level to Expert.